Travel Safely

We are ready to meet you again! We know you've been dreaming about to take a break and don't worry about anything but enjoy your holidays with your closest ones. That's why we have prepared ourselves and our complex to make your visit totally safe.


Please, read the following measures carefully for your safety and also the other's.

Before your Arrival

If you are coming from mainland Spain it's mandatory that all travelers over 6 years old must provide a negative PCR test done within 72 hours prior your arrival. You must provide this test at check-in the hotel. Also, this test must be be approved by the healthcare authorities of your own country or of the European Union.

If you are coming from a considered risk country or area you have also to fill the Health Control Form. It will provide you a QR code that you must show at your arrival to the Canary Islands. If you need more information, please visit this website

However, to make the check-in faster and safer for everyone, we will appreciate if you send all the travelers tests results as well a copy of the passport of each one of them within 24 hours prior your arrival to the email of your destination aparthotel.

    - Klayman Diamond Aparthotel:
    - Klayman Olivina Aparthotel:

Once we have received all the documents we will confirm you that we have received them and also we will explain you the procedure to access to your apartment in case you arrive after 4PM.

During your Stay

All our staff work for your safety and well-being. For that reason we ask for your collaboration and compromise respecting the following rules and measures relatives to COVID-19:
  • In Spain is obligatory by law to wear a face mask in every public space. For that reason we have to remind you to wear correctly your face mask (you have to cover you nose and mouth) at all common areas of the complex. The only exception will be the pool area and only if you are on the sunbed or in the pool.
  • Wash your hands regularly and particularly when you are acceding to common areas like reception, pool, bar... You will find hidroalcoholic gel around the complex. 
  • Use the inside of your elbow to cover your mouth and nose if you have to cough or sneeze.
  • Avoid to touch your mouth, nose or eyes at any public space.
  • Use the covered trashcans around the complex to through away all the disposable materials you could have use like face masks, gloves, napkins...
  • Respect the social distancing with people out of your familiar/friends circle as much as possible.
  • Avoid salutes that implies touching like hugs, kisses, handshakes... 
  • Respect the distances indicated at the common areas like bar, reception, lifts...
  • Respect timetables and any other rule that we could add to this ones. Those could be communicated by our staff or signs.
  • Do not stay inside the apartment at the moment of cleaning or technical work that our staff could do in it.
  • If you notice any symptoms compatibles with COVID-19 like fever, coughing or hardness to breath please follow this indications as soon as possible:
          > Isolate yourself and your family/group inside your apartment.
          > Inform to our staff through telephone about the situation.

Our staff is available to you to solve any doubt that you could have or provide you with any information you could need.

Klayman Aparthotels could modify timetables for services or the services themselves for operational motives or possible new normatives.

Remember, with your help we can all enjoy a safely stay at Klayman Aparthotels.

We work for your Safety

All our staff have received training on COVID-19 preventive measures and will wear the necessary personal protective equipment at all times. Also, we perform a daily health screening with all our workers, who declare that they have not been in contact with any infected person in the last 15 days.


Common Areas

We have reduced the capacity limit of all our hotel spaces, including elevators.

We have separated the sun loungers around the pools, for a minimum of 1.5m space (between families/groups).

We use a certified external company to conduct testing on our shared spaces and common surfaces.

We have identified the high risk areas with signs with preventative advice.

We have provided disinfectant gel in different locations around our hotels.


Reception Service

We have marked the minimum safety distance on the floor.

We have disinfectant gel available on each counter.

We disinfect all items which are handed to customers (room cards, etc.)

All customers are provided with basic prevention information and rules on the correct use of our facilities.

We have reinforced the cleaning and disinfection of all counters. 


Cleaning Services

Our laundrette ensures and certifies that all laundry is washed with disinfectant products at over 60ºC.

Rooms will not be cleaned while the customer is inside.

Gloves are changed after each room cleaning.

Disposable wipes are used to clean each room after customer checkout.

We have reduced the number of rooms per housekeeper, to ensure each room is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

An authorised external company certifies that all room cleaning is carried out in accordance with the Covid-19 prevention measures established by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism.


Food and Beverages Services

We have reduced the number of tables at our buffets (minimum of 1.5 metres between tables).

We’ve increased the variety of food available in individual servings at our buffets.

Anything that cannot be served individually will be served by our staff, to prevent customers from handling food and tongs.

We’ve removed the bread from our buffet; this will be served to customers at the table instead.

All our fruit and vegetables have been disinfected with food safe sanitiser and are wrapped with a protective film in individual serving sizes.

At breakfast, our staff wear the proper personal protective equipment to serve food to customers. Customers can also request individual hot dishes to be prepared in the kitchen.

All kitchen and wait staff work with gloves and masks, both those who are customer-facing and those who are not.

All crockery is provided by our staff, to prevent customers from having direct access to it.

We have placed single servings of oil, vinegar, salt and pepper on the tables.

We disinfect the drinks menu for each new diner.

We perform an exhaustive control and inspection of the temperature of our dishwashers (>80ºC)


Technical Service

All staff have the necessary personal protective and safety equipment.

As far as possible, we carry out room repairs without the customer present. If this is not possible, we maintain a safety distance of 1.5m at all times.

We disinfect all areas where there has been a repair or interaction. 

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